Fred leverages his unique background in the development, design, scale-up, and optimization of chemical and bioindustrial processes to help Renmatix evolve its revolutionary technology. Fred leads our technology strategy, as well as our fundamentals, development, operations and engineering groups. He is an expert in mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, and datamining of pilot/demonstration/production facilities.

A resident specialist in biochemical production, Fred started his career at Dow Chemical in production and engineering roles where, among many other responsibilities, he assisted in the start-up and optimization of the Dow AgroSciences spinosad facility in Harbor Beach, MI. In the years since leaving Dow, Fred has held many key positions within the bioindustrial space. Fred led the research engineering effort for the lactide and polymer processes as lead engineer and research engineering leader at NatureWorks, LLC; a bioindustrial polymer company. While at NatureWorks, Fred was also engaged with the fermentation team for start-up and optimization of the world scale lactic acid and polylactide production plants. Fred was also Director of Process Development at ZeaChem, a cellulosic ethanol and biochemical company, where he was instrumental in developing a unique, high-yield cellulosic ethanol process. Fred was also Vice President of Engineering at Rennovia, a chemocatalytic bioindustrial chemical company. Fred received his BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of North Dakota.