Scientific Advisory Board

Renmatix’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is composed of renowned figures from across the bio-industrial & academic landscape. The Advisory Board provides input and guidance on technical matters of importance to the company. Each member’s area of expertise is aligned with the many technical areas crucial to the Plantrose process. These areas of focus are: supercritical fluids and fast reactions, hydrothermal reactions, separations, bio-based products, fermentation technology and sugars production.

The board members have in depth expertise in leading large engineering and R&D enterprises both in industry and academia. The SAB also advises Renmatix on technical organizational matters, R&D structure, plant scale-up, etcetera. In addition to providing valuable technical input to Renmatix, the SAB also keeps us up-to-date on commercial and technical developments in our space. Each individual board member also functions in a consulting capacity with Renmatix, in their respective field of expertise.