Manuk joined Renmatix in 2010 and has more than 25 years of industrial experience at Union Carbide and Dow Chemical where he has held senior positions in the R&D and Engineering Departments, leading the Solids Processing and Reaction Engineering Groups, and as a resident Fellow. Dr. Colakyan’s areas of expertise include reaction engineering, catalysis, solids processing, process development and scale-up, fluidization, mathematical modeling and computational fluid dynamics. He has led a number of major capital projects involving the commercialization of new catalysts or catalytic processes and processes involving solids. With three degrees in chemical engineering, Dr. Colakyan is active in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), having served in various divisions, as chapter president, group chair, and programming chair for the Particle Technology Forum. He is the recipient of AIChE’s “Fluidization Processing Recognition” and Oregon State University’s “Academy of Distinguished Engineers” Awards.

Dr.Colakyan has helped Renmatix to mature and improve its technology. Dr. Colakyan’s background brings expertise in important applications with direct relevance to biofuel production, including: his status as a nationally recognized expert on fluidization, commercial scale implementation of reactors like the Renmatix cellulose-hydrolysis reactor, and solids processing/handling which is critical to our proprietary conversion from biomass feedstocks to biomaterials outputs. As the leader of our research and development effort, he manages multiple paths of investigation R&D efforts, and works with a team of highly qualified technical directors to ensure that the Plantrose™ Process scales up smoothly via efficient engineering, design, and scalable process technology.