Plantrose is the lowest-cost route — and it's a different route — to convert biomass into cellulosic sugars. Fast, water based reactions with no significant consumables generate attractive yield conversions on a wide variety of biomass feedstocks.


Biobased products are typically the same thing that we use today, but they come from different beginnings. ​Plantrose conversion technology is the bridge between plant material & its ultimate use as a substitute for petroleum inputs in biobased products.


Renewable materials meet a global need for innovative and sustainable alternatives to oil based chemicals. Bioindustrial technology has direct applications to help meet the burgeoning demand of biochemical & biofuel markets, and for new bioproducts.


Industry leaders know Renmatix is the sustainable path to usher in a new industrial era where non-food plants, not petroleum, are refined as the basis for the chemicals, fuels and products that we use every day.