Biobased Value Chains

Biobased products are typically the same thing that we use today, but they come from DIFFERENT BEGINNINGS. The broader category of bioproducts, or biobased materials, includes end products or ingredient chemicals that are derived from sustainable and renewable biological resources.

Biobased industries and the value chains that serve them are working to bloom in the shadow of robust petrochemical incumbents, and billions of dollars of established infrastructure. Renmatix is connecting the abundance of natural resources, with the downstream markets that modern technology allows them to serve. In so doing, we face complex challenges from the advantages held by established technology, its existing infrastructure, and mature supply chains. Organizations like the Biobased Industries consortium in Europe know that as "a nascent sector, biobased industries have to overcome the dispersion of technical competences and the limited publicly available data on real resource availability in order to build sustainable and competitive value chains." Renmatix and our Plantrose conversion technology is dedicated to overcoming these challenges and building the cost-effective bridge between upstream and downstream.