Simple Cellulose In Action

Excellent ease of use and application friendliness

Lecithin replacement

SC provides potent emulsification (Pickering) that can eliminate the use of lecithin in many recipes, which has the simultaneous benefit of eliminating Soya derived ingredients.

Egg replacement or extender

SC has demonstrated the ability to replace all or most of the egg content in many formulations undetected, while providing the texture, structure and taste profiles of egg containing recipes.

Fat replacement or extender

SC has replaced all or part of the fat content to engender a ‘reduced fat’ alternative in many recipes.  SC is most effective in this capacity when recipes are balanced to accommodate its addition, SC does not typically function as a ‘drop-in’ replacement.

Freshness extender

SC has a propensity to capture and sequester water from the environment, which leads to extended freshness characteristics.  Binding water counter-acts the ‘staling’ effect in most baked systems, and delays product expiration by avoiding undue drying of finished foods.  

Simple Cellulose = Recipe Simplification

SC offers the potential to replace emulsifiers, humectants (stabilizers) and texturizers with a single label ingredient.

Texture improver

SC alone, or in concert with known texturizers, can elicit the mouth feel, structure, stability or other requirements in multiple food categories.

Gluten Free product enhancement

The limitations of GF recipes and foods are widely recognized. SC simply changes that narrative! By virtue of binding water, and creating an idealized texture, SC can elicit texture, structure, and moisture that is generally reserved for ‘gluten rich’ or traditional food products.

Allergen free substitution

Unlike many other substitution ingredients, SC can bring about texture and structure in a wide array of systems without the need to substitute one allergen for another (ex. take gluten out, but increase dairy proteins).  Leveraging SC, chefs and foodies can create new products without fear of inclusion of 1 of the 8 major food allergens.