Recognizing that first-in-kind technology typically has a higher 'burden of proof' than more established methodologies, Renmatix operations are built to address these higher hurdles of proof – and provide 'reasons to believe' in our differentiating innovation.

In our 3 North American facilities, feedstocks from around the world are evaluated to determine optimal conversion characteristics that can maximize their value in bio-supply chains. Renmatix has assembled all of the requisite elements, from analytical capabilities, to large scale demonstration with mass and energy balance, technoeconomic data models for OpEx and CapEx, and the ability to generate large amounts of sugar and lignin for downstream integration and development testing. The combination of these different venues provides multiple routes of validation for the Plantrose technology platform, and for future licensees of our technology. These operations reinforce that Renmatix does not just offer a unique solution, it is the breakthrough low-cost cellulosic producer that bioindustry has been waiting for.