Corporate Offices & Tech Center

Headquarters, World Tech Center, Analytical Labs & Bioflex Conversion Unit (BCU)

When you are building a team to tackle the engineering and economics of a new chemistry, where better to locate than the heart of the U.S. chemical industry? Renmatix is quarterbacked out of King of Prussia, on the outskirts of Philadelphia. This creates access to lucrative technical talents, and puts us in close proximity to potential partners that populate the Greater Philadelphia region, including Delaware, New Jersey, and other hubs in Pennsylvania.

Our corporate offices are home to commercial teams and technical experts. The facility incorporates an expansive research and development center, with world class analytical labs and the company’s Bioflex Conversion Unit (BCU). The BCU is a multiple-feedstock processing pilot asset, which allows the company to investigate and qualify new plant materials, while work in Georgia and New York concentrate on large scale process demonstration. King of Prussia's multi-functional facility serves to accelerate Renmatix’s exploration of additional upstream feedstock sources, while assisting downstream customers in their transition to utilization of cellulosic sugars. The benefit of these complementary paths is to further enhance the economics of the Plantrose™ process to produce the lowest cost sugars and intermediate bio-building blocks for renewable materials.

Comprehensive Piloting & Analytics

The BCU was designed to test and convert a range of non-food plant materials through its water-based Plantrose™ process. Renmatix converts our partners' available feedstocks including: perennial grasses, agricultural residues, woody biomass, and waste streams - in addition to global feedstocks like oil palm residues, bamboo, and rice husk. This production facility expands the relevance of the Plantrose process by helping to evaluate renewable feedstocks that are abundantly available in a variety of climates and geographies worldwide. The cellulosic sugars produced on-site via the BCU pilot installation support downstream chemical and fuel strategic partners and data analysis at the Pennsylvania technical center.

All Renmatix facilities include strong analytical capabilities, and the bulk of that collective effort is coordinated by the team in King Of Prussia (KOP), Pennsylvania. Our laboratory facilities in KOP were developed to help us better understand exactly what is in the plant material we process, and the impact of what happens when we convert it. The operation has a variety of high-tech sampling techniques, and specialized equipment. We are equipped to take biomass, characterize it, tear it apart, analyze it, create sugars & collect lignin, and then transform these materials with catalytic or biological reactions to chemicals and fuels.

Renmatix Analytical & Characterization Laboratory:

  • Integrated lab space with the capacity to research every step of biomass processing from drying and milling to chemical analysis to fermentation and modification of end products
  • Capable of analyzing for polymer structures, molecular weights, carbohydrate contents, lignin structure, byproducts, mineral content, particle sizes, etc.
  • Our advanced plug and play research enclosure allows for great flexibility and enhanced data collection
  • A collaborative environment between researchers, technical fellows and analysts to promote innovation; with a technical team that represents more than 100 years of combined experience in analytical chemistry