Intellectual Property

In support of its licensing model, Renmatix has established a robust intellectual property portfolio including patents, trademarks, trade secrets and specialized know-how. Renmatix is vigilant in documenting the development of its technologies, and in filing for patent protection on core technology and subsequent improvements. In each case, we consider whether filing for patent protection or maintaining specialized knowledge as a trade secret is the best approach in the context of the company's intellectual property strategy. Renmatix also protects its technology through confidentiality contracts with third parties, detailed internal policies, and practices close attention to information security.

Renmatix's significant expertise and portfolio of hot compressible fluid (including supercritical water) patents, applications and trade secrets is focused on protection and development of a core value proposition for licensing the Plantrose process to produce cost-competitive cellulosic sugars and novel polymers. In early 2015, Renmatix expanded its technology holdings and broadened its hydrothermal hydrolysis space with an acquisition of the intellectual property portfolio of a European entity.

We are disciplined in monitoring relevant patent applications to validate that our freedom to operate (FTO) is unencumbered by patent rights of others; with efforts on this front coordinated among in-house resources, outside counsel, and qualified IP consultants with intellectual property leadership experience at major chemical companies.

Renmatix® Technology Licensing is Converting Chemistry™

At Renmatix, we are Converting Chemistry™ by licensing our Plantrose® process technology. Plantrose process technology enables renewable value chains to be competitive with their current petrochemical competitors. This platform provides for sustainable industrial activity while still meeting bottom line economic objectives. Renmatix provides manufacturing licenses to allow broad and accelerated use of Plantrose technology worldwide.

Renmatix brings together those that own large quantities of available biomass with those that have a need for large quantities of sugar, lignin and other bio building blocks to make biochemicals and biofuels. By bridging these upstream and downstream value chains together, our platform enables the efficient use of biomass materials for chemical and fuel producers. We license to both these up and down stream partners, which will accelerate and scale the introduction of the Plantrose technology, and cost-competitive industrial sugars, across the globe. Proliferation of Plantrose technology is not only good for Renmatix and its stakeholders, it also benefits biobased chemical and fuel markets, and expands access to sustainable utilization of the earth’s renewable resources.

Renmatix™ licensing provides access to the significant intellectual property that has been developed by our dedicated and experienced technical team since the company's inception. Each license includes licensing support that is standard in the chemical industry. Our philosophy on licensing relationships is that Renmatix succeeds when our licensees are successful. In keeping with that, customary upfront payments are received during the design and build of each facility, but the bulk of proceeds for Renmatix are generated from production-based royalties. Our world-class technical facilities provide the operational capabilities to ensure that any particular biomass and downstream use for a licensed facility will meet expectations of the licensee.

For more information about licensing the Plantrose® process, or obtaining access to Plantro® sugars or Omno™ polymers, contact us with a description of your relevant needs and interest at: