Corporate Offices & Tech Center

   HQ, Tech Center, & Analytical Labs

Renmatix is quarterbacked out of King of Prussia, on the outskirts of Philadelphia. This creates access to lucrative technical talents, and puts us in close proximity to customers and partners in the Greater Philadelphia region, including Delaware, New Jersey, and other hubs in Pennsylvania.

Commercial Sales & Product Development

Our corporate offices are home to commercial teams and technical experts. The facility incorporates an expansive research and development center, with world class analytical labs. Originally focused on optimizing economics for the Plantrose Process, our main office is now tasked with introducing products & ingredients that are derived from the cellulosic fractions we are currently producing, and development of additional fractions for future utilization.   

Renmatix Analytical & Characterization Laboratory:

  • Integrated lab space with the capacity to research every step of biomass processing from drying and milling to chemical analysis to fermentation and modification of end products
  • Capable of analyzing for polymer structures, molecular weights, carbohydrate contents, lignin structure, byproducts, mineral content, particle sizes, etc.
  • Our advanced plug and play research enclosure allows for great flexibility and enhanced data collection
  • A collaborative environment between researchers, technical fellows and analysts to promote innovation internally and externally with strategic partners