Plantrose Process

Converting nonfood, unused, and under-used plant materials into the building blocks for creating bioproducts, biochemicals and biofuels

The Plantrose® Process is a water-based technology platform developed to convert raw plants into biobased ingredients & sustainable products. 

When it comes to the products we rely on to nourish our bodies and power our world, the process by which we arrive at the ingredients matters a lot. That’s why the Plantrose Process is an incredible breakthrough. It is a first-in-kind technology innovation harnessing water as the medium to break down diverse plant materials, or "biomass", to create a portfolio of foundational ingredients that can be used in diverse applications. Plantrose derived products & ingredients are appearing in everything from food to beauty, to paints, and fuels, already.

Giving Water 'Superpowers'!

So how does this happen? Water left in its normal states (ice - liquid - steam) does not efficiently dissolve plant structures, or reduce them to the point where they can be separated into their most basic parts. Yet, our chemical engineers have given water superpowers to do just that by applying a distinct combination of heat and pressure to achieve a unique state, called Supercritical. Water in this special state, in essence, dissolves biomass into those simple, valuable, component parts.

Breakthrough, Award Winning Clean Technology 

Plants, when broken down, have incredibly diverse utility as ingredients in an array of everyday products and even in industrial applications. The challenge isn't getting to plants' basic building blocks - it's getting to them cheaply and cleanly. And at a price where we can afford to use those plant parts to replace their more common petrochemical equivalents, the incumbent ingredients, that are typically used in our everyday products. The Plantrose Process is the economical solution that can meet that critical cost basis. Our water-based technology performs in an affordable fashion that is cleaner and greener than using strong acids, solvents, or costly enzymes. The Plantrose Process is better for both people and our planet, and was recognized with the U.S. Presidential Green Chemistry award in 2015 for exactly those qualities. 

Powering a Biobased, Renewable Products Revolution

The patented, proprietary and efficient Plantrose Process, utilizes Supercritical Hydrolysis to unlock a whole new range of eco-friendly innovative products using only nature’s gifts - no harsh solvents or acids needed. And, because we use plant sources that would otherwise go to waste, our products are sustainably sourced and renewable. This new technology delivers affordable bio building blocks and original specialty ingredients that our customers are using to introduce their own improved biobased offerings. Plantrose progress means building momentum for, and expansion in, a renewable products revolution.    

The Plantrose Process provides a cleaner, faster, and lower-cost method for deconstructing plants into valuable ingredients -- using just water, under pressure and temperature.

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Recognition & Awards

Third party recognition can help to communicate & validate the capabilities and accomplishments of new technology like the Plantrose Process. Renmatix is honored to have been distinguished by renowned industry associations, premiere publications, & government organizations. We are proud of what our team has achieved, but remain eager to continue on our path – building the bridge to new Plantrose products.