Advantages of the Plantrose Process

Finding a way to cheaply unlock the energy that resides in all of those plants, that grow all over the world, season after season.

Renmatix’s Plantrose® Process uses supercritical water to deconstruct biomass. It produces cost advantaged cellulosic fractions primarily by using water for conversion reactions. This gives rise to modern, plant based products - fundamentally different and new ingredients.

Water based reactions are the key to unlocking bio building blocks, and accessing value in sustainable plant materials -- right where they grow.

Plantrose supercritical hydrolysis has clear advantages over conventional technologies

The reaction time of the Plantrose supercritical hydrolysis process is measured in seconds. On the other hand, older acid based processes take minutes to hours for each step of their reaction. In turn, enzymatic hydrolysis technologies require approximately 5 days. This means tanks filled with biomass will sit for about 5 days, during which efforts must be made to ensure that nothing that likes to eat sugar (contaminants) gets into those tanks. It’s not a trivial process. At the end of the day what these older methods accomplish much more slowly, we do in a matter of seconds. Our reaction is that fast!