Celltice™ : Purposeful in Nature and in Beauty

In response to growing consumer demand, there is a considerable need for plant-based ingredients that deliver comparable or superior performance to traditional ingredients. Renmatix satisfies this need in the personal care industry with the launch of Celltice™ - a brand-new ingredient consisting of botanical building blocks that functions both as an active and an excipient in formulations.

Unlocking Mother Nature’s Building Blocks with Water

The foundation of plants and trees consist of two primary building blocks – cellulose and lignin. These universal materials act as Mother Nature’s building blocks and have proven critical to botanical viability. Historically, scientists have failed to extract these important components without resorting to harsh chemicals. Until Now.

Harnessing the power of water, Renmatix has perfected a way to release cellulose and lignin from their inherent structure. This revolutionary approach is called the Plantrose® process, and involves exciting water into its supercritical state all while avoiding solvents and harsh chemicals.

Although any botanical source can be utilized, Renmatix selected a co-product of red maple (Acer rubrum) for its first launch in personal care. Acer rubrum has a favorable profile, and is non-GMO and sustainably grown in the Great Lakes area.

The result of combining plants and water in this unique way is named Celltice™ - a technology that delivers industry-leading benefits in personal care, that mirror the functionality of these building blocks in nature.

Celltice Gently Fosters Skin Health

Just as plants strengthen from within to improve their health, Celltice beautifies the skin by reducing sebum and encouraging proper skin turnover.

  • Reduces sebum by 45% (30 minutes post-application)
  • Reduces dry skin by 66% (30 minutes post-application)
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Celltice Protects Against Environment Stress

Similar to plants’ ability to defend against stress, Celltice functions as an anti-inflammatory shield for the skin when subjected to environmental pressures.

  • Protects against free radical formation induced by blue light
  • Prevents the formation of pro-inflammatory cytokines generated by UV exposure

Celltice Enables Indulgent Textures

Owing to its unique structure, Celltice is a powerful emulsifying technology that functions through a skin-friendly Pickering mechanism.

  • Emulsifies a wide variety of oil soluble ingredients
  • Creates a diversity of textures, from sprayable lotions to hydrating night creams

Celltice was purposefully built by Mother Nature, and is isolated for the first time by Renmatix. Leveraging Celltice will enable you to meet and exceed your consumers’ demands for performance-based personal care products without the use of chemicals. What are you waiting for?

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