Hydro-extracted Cellulose

Application friendly, easy to blend and use

Pickering emulsion stabilizer

HC has the ideal structure to simply and easily provide stability to both oil-in-water (O/W) and water-in-oil (W/O) systems by virtue of its inherent size and composition.  

Providing an alternative to traditional chemical based emulsifiers (lamellar or micellar), HC affords the opportunity to stabilize even the most difficult emulsion.  

Line filling & blurring

Fine lines are visually diminished and blurred by the unique size, structure, and light scattering properties of HC particles. HC can both deliver and sequester water to amplify the skin’s native moisture level, providing line filling rejuvenating benefits. Diminishing fine lines and wrinkles is an ideal benefit for serum, moisturizer, primer, and eye cream formulations. 

Highly adsorptive

HC can provide exemplary adsorptive characteristics which is favorable in the delivery of active ingredients. The small size and uniquely round shape of HC particles provides greater surface area to enable this adsorptive property.  

Eco-organic polymer

HC is born from nature, and liberated by water. Manufactured by the Plantrose Process, red maple cellulose is transformed into a decadent petro-free hydro gel by water-based Supercritical Hydrolysis technology.  

Oil control

HC inherently brings oil control characteristics by inclusion of trace quantities of lignin – the component of trees that protect it from the elements – by lifting and moving delicate facial oils

Natural pH of 3-4

HC is innately produced with a pH that spans 3.5 to 4.0, which is ideal to trigger a regenerative effect (similar mechanism to a light chemical peel)

Pollution control & antioxidant protection

Modern living exposes the skin to harsh environmental compounds.  HC based products can provide cellular protection and antioxidant protection with the benefits of a natural shield, akin to how plants thrive despite exposure to the elements.

Scratchless exfoliator

HC is a suspension of insoluble particles in water capable of providing an exfoliating, or sloughing, effect on the Stratum Corneum (outmost layer of epidermis). The texture of HC however is velvety smooth, and aside from a distinct softening noted on the skin – this effect would otherwise go unnoticed.  

Unlike aggressive exfoliation methods that require large particulate material, HC delivers an undetectable polish that smooths & hydrates simultaneously.