Working At Renmatix

How our people talk about their Renmatix experience, 'In Their Words'.

Our strategy is to deliver Plantrose products and ingredients to new markets. Commercializing the technology that delivers innovative building blocks for the bioeconomy. We are also working hard to build and license the proprietary Plantrose technology for ourselves, and global partners who want to implement it in their own biorefineries. Delivering this economic advantage, to open the door for our new biochemical process to proliferate across regions and markets, explains how we do business. Why we do business - is a much longer conversation...

Doing something for the first time is full of rewards - and the experience can be exciting, but charting and performing on first-in-kind goals hardly follows a predictable path. We rethink different situations in order to identify the critical questions that need to be asked. We adapt to what we have learned whether we expected to, or were surprised by new results. Problem solving and resourceful thinking are true constants within the Renmatix community.

The people behind our scientific achievements and commercial accomplishments choose to work in an emerging space, with the opportunity to define state-of-the-art technology and bring to market new product categories. They come from a myriad of backgrounds, assembled with key skill sets, special expertise, and humility. They are not satisfied with the norm. In fact, the common ground, where all of our resources intersect, is a purpose-driven focus. A focus on changing the way things have been done. Determined to build the future.

What we do is more than shaving cents per pound off of cellulosic plant material conversion costs. We think passionately and invest in translating our shared knowledge into tangible insights. Together we are exploring renewables and advancing material sciences, working safely to create the tools that promote sustainability across end markets, by accelerating the whole bioeconomy. We have tackled yesterday's infrastructure, and become a team of catalysts for industrial evolution. Because even if the status quo is working, it doesn't mean it’s getting the job done.

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