At Renmatix, our goal is simple – usher in a bioindustrial era where non-food plants, not petroleum, are refined as the basis for the products, chemicals, and fuels that we use every day. We pursue that objective with an eye towards the sustainable use of energy, water, and renewable biomass feedstocks.

The Plantrose® Process facilitates sustainability as a model of green chemistry and green engineering to perform biomass conversion. The technology was designed to: recycle water inputs multiple times, efficiently reuse large portions of energy that enter the system, work with renewable feedstocks that are monitored & managed, and utilize lignin solids, a co-product of the process, to minimize total carbon footprint.

GHG Reduction

Human development and energy consumption bear a strong correlation. The age of industrialization has been driven by fossil fuels and the benefits of access to affordable, reliable energy supplies. Societies have grown, transformed, and innovated – but at what price has the environment financed this expansion and enrichment? Emissions are a well-established global burden, one that compounds with population growth and the pace of progress in an ever developing world. No single technology can resolve the challenge. But, environmentally conscious change and an increasing prioritization of sustainable technologies create real opportunity for improvement.

Alternatives that allow us to harvest and utilize biomass instead of drilling petroleum reserves, solutions that can harness natural resources to produce renewable materials, and economically advantageous solutions that offer cost effective biosubstitution for existing markets -- these are the conduits to the Bio Age. An era that is less a choice and more a necessity, as time passes and our climate warms. Plantrose technology and the building blocks it enables are positioned to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making formidable contributions to the wave of bioindustrilaization that current generations are beginning to demand. Renmatix is committed to doing our part to empower emerging biovalue chains and the leaders who are bringing them to market, today.