Recent Renmatix Recap


Evolving to Execute a Product Driven Path to Market:

Shifting consumer preferences are indicated by growing demand for simpler, natural solutions. Renmatix, a recognized pioneer in the biobased economy, has responded with its new wave of plant-based innovations. 

Renmatix's Plantrose® Process, its novel water-based extraction technology, deconstructs a wide range of biomass into its constituent building blocks, and was initially prioritized for use in global biochemical and biofuel markets. While the Plantrose product portfolio has long attracted world-class investors, partners, and customers, including BASF and global energy major Total, Renmatix’s most recent scientific breakthrough is now producing a new generation of transformative materials & hydro-extracted ingredients, including a renatured crystalline cellulose, known as Supercritical Crystalline Cellulose™ (SC3), a unique stream of Omno® polymers, and the original affordable cellulosic Plantro® sugars.

In 2017, Renmatix saw its core technology mature to the point that it could move beyond an initial focus on delivery of commoditized Plantro® cellulosic sugars to enable production of these additional fractions as new bio-based ingredients. This progress has allowed Renmatix to begin serving higher-margin specialty material markets and to maintain the relevance and leadership position of its primary Plantrose platform by offering a full portfolio of Plantrose products utilizing the entire plant (or "whole bio-barrel", in analogy to using a whole oil barrel and its respective fractions, beyond just the kerosene or gasoline).

‎Each new ingredient has been accompanied by functional discoveries that stem from unique physical structures or chemical compositions. Renmatix ‎can now utilize the complete plant to deliver attractive economics and novel first-in-kind ingredients, by achieving an optimal balance of performance, cost, and sustainability, that is unmatched by either conventional competitors or peers in new technology.

Early market demand for SC3 has incented Renmatix to shift its Georgia-based demonstration facility to function as an operating production unit, enabling Renmatix to produce and sell large commercial volumes of ‎its crystalline cellulose over the next two years to satisfy initial markets. This breakthrough has the potential to generate millions in sales revenue for the company, and support the development of future production plants, while re-imagining the materials and ingredients sectors.

Renmatix has proven itself to be as adaptable as it is innovative. Company leaders in both technical and commercial capacities have collaborated to identify new features and benefits that allow the Plantrose value proposition to be tailored to new opportunities, including the recently isolated co-fractions. Working as a reputable underdog in a community of materials giants, Renmatix has parlayed its position as an architect of affordable bio-building blocks into one where it can also deliver high-value specialty fractions for those in search of sustainable and economical advanced ingredients, extracted from plants using only water at high temperature and pressure. While initially focused on direct energy markets, these ongoing innovations have spurred the Renmatix team to turn its attention to solving sustainable substitution equations elsewhere, including in foods.  The net effect is that the people of Renmatix connect world-class plant-based material technology with materials markets that seek high-value applications for deconstructed biomass. 

While the materials conversion industry has been staid for years, Renmatix’s unique Plantrose process has enabled better quality and economics for bio building blocks that play an integral role in bringing costs down, in turn opening markets for a range of downstream players across many bio-value chains.  In addition to its underlying genesis in the pursuit of sustainable materials, that same quality and value equation applies to Renmatix’s successfully isolated co-fractions, the SC3 and Omno‎ product streams, as well as other co-products currently under development. The arrival of hydro-extracted ingredients signals a viable transition to modern routes of production for new, sustainably sourced ingredients that are available for both home and industrial applications. Renmatix is leading the migration to more sophisticated and sustainable pathways.