Renmatix 101

The name of our company represents what we do. We are developing the science of renewable materials.

Our contribution to that effort is to tackle one of the world's grand challenges: finding a way to economically unlock the chemical building blocks that reside in the plant life growing all over the world, season after season. And in so doing, we usher in an era where plants, not petroleum, are refined as the basis for chemicals, fuels, and products that we use every day.

Renmatix is in the business of breaking down plant materials. Specifically, non-food or unused plant waste that can be converted into building blocks for bioproducts, biochemicals, and biofuels across the globe. The sugars, crystalline cellulose, and lignin that naturally make up those plants are those very building blocks for renewable materials.

What are renewable materials & why do we need them?

A renewable material is made from an organic natural resource which can replenish in the process of usage and consumption, either through biological reproduction or other naturally recurring processes. Renewable resources are a part of Earth's natural environment and the largest components of its landscape.

— "Management for a Small Planet" by Jean Garner Stead and W. Edward Stead, M.E. Sharpe 2009

In light of increasing pressures facing non-renewable materials (materials obtained from finite resources which, once exploited as far as is economically feasible, can never be replaced; they are not renewable, at best they can only be recycled - from G.M. Mudd, The 'Limits to Growth' and 'finite' mineral resources, 2010) from rising extraction costs, diminished availability, and relentless demand, we must identify viable alternatives. Fortunately, natural sources of raw plant materials are abundantly available and readily accessible. 

The challenge to date has been one of economics: how to source and scale a cost-competitive biobased alternative. In essence, finding a cost effective route to new biobased value chains that are capable of competing with decades of development in conventional petrochemical supply. The Renmatix Plantrose Process, our proprietary water-based technology, delivers that affordable route to large scale sustainable substitution and better biobased choices.