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We unlock the building blocks created by nature within plants. We transform plants into new and unique ingredients that have immense functionality in a variety of markets and applications. These ingredients can contribute to consumer wellness, while supporting upcycling and sustainability goals.


What We Do

Our platform Plantrose®️ technology is the key to releasing unique ingredients from plants.

When it comes to the products we rely on to nourish and care for our bodies, the way we make the ingredients, matters a lot. That’s why the Plantrose platform, is an incredible breakthrough. Only using water, we transform the plants into new and unique ingredients. These ingredients have immense functionality in many applications, derived from their unique size and shape.

Plantrose Process

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The world now understands that sustainability and recycling is a good start, but not the end of the story. Consumer demand now reaches further – for products that support their health and wellness but also support the wellness of the earth and industries that create their products and services. Renmatix is delivering a solution to support their choices by upcycling red maple residues to produce valuable and versatile ingredients for skin and food applications using an eco-friendly technology.


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Why It Matters

Responsible use and care of Mother Nature’s bounty is in the DNA of our technology and company culture.

Mother Nature makes the plants rich with an abundance of cellulose and lignin in the cell wall structure. Plantrose was born with the intent to provide valuable materials for many applications while protecting the well being of our environment, the people, and all creatures. We can serve the markets, upcycle waste streams, bring technology to rural communities, and protect our planet. The time is now to replace synthetic chemicals, with plant ingredient innovation.

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Our B2B ingredient products are powerful, versatile, and unique

We offer a plant-based ingredient product for the food industry.  Nouravant® is gluten free, vegan, free from known allergens, non-GMO, clean label, kosher and halal certified, and was developed with no animal testing.  It is a powerful and versatile emulsifier using a pickering emulsion action (and not a micellar or surfactant emulsion system).  Nouravant can be used in array of food applications.  It is currently used in both leavened and un-leavened baked goods (bread, cookies, donuts, pretzels, muffins, brownies, etc.).  With proven freshness extension and the ability to extend or replace eggs, Nouravant extends shelf-life and increases profits.  Gluten-free and vegan bakeries love the structure, crumb, and moisture Nouravant provides to their products (while reducing or eliminating gums and eggs).

Our Renmatix family LOVES our DTC products, and we think you will too

Our AllWell AllOver™ Botanical Radiance Face + Body Mask is formulated to high clean standards while delivering clinically-proven results.  It is clinically proven to improve skin radiance, promote skin tone evenness, fade the look of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, improve the look of blemishes, reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, and support healthier looking skin. It smooths the skin without using harsh acids or harsh scrubbing agents (such as ground nut shells) while bringing antioxidant protection, and balancing the oils in the skin without leaving the skin thirsty.  Our Renmatix family and growing customers love the product which is made possible by the Renmatix plant-based product particles in acer rubrum extract.  Our AllWell products are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from paraben, sulfate, silicon, phthalate and known allergens.

Science and engineering came together to solve an old problem with a clean, renewable technology

Plants, when broken down, have incredibly diverse utility.  Industry has been breaking down biomass for decades using acids, chemicals, and enzymes.  The paradigm shift of Plantrose® is that we break it down quickly, cleanly, and affordably.  Our products are made at a price where the world can afford to use our plant-based ingredients and materials to replace the more common petrochemical equivalents and other incumbent ingredients.  Our hydrolysis process uses supercritical and subcritical water (hot compressed fluids) to fractionate and hydrolyze the biomass into cellulose, sugars, oligomers, lignin, fiber, particles, and Omno polymers.  This bio-based, green process, designed to be economical, sustainable, and renewable, won us the prestigious Presidential Green Chemistry Award administered by the US Environmental Protection Agency.