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Using water and science to create powerful plant-based ingredients from under-used plant materials.

Plantrose Process

The Plantrose® process is a water-based technology platform developed to convert plants into powerful ingredients.

When it comes to the products we rely on to nourish our bodies and treat our skin, the process by which we arrive at the ingredients matters a lot. That’s why the Plantrose process is an incredible breakthrough. It is a first-in-kind technology innovation harnessing water as the medium to break down plants to create a portfolio of foundational ingredients that can be used in diverse applications. Plantrose derived products and ingredients are appearing in consumer wellness products today.

Giving Water 'Superpowers'!

So how does this happen? Water left in its normal states (ice – liquid – steam) does not dissolve plant structures or reduce them to the point where they can be separated into their most basic parts. Our chemical engineers have given water superpowers to do just that by applying a distinct combination of heat and pressure to achieve a unique state of water, called Supercritical. Water in this state dissolves plants into those simple, valuable, component parts.

Powering a Plant-Based Product Revolution

The patented Plantrose technology uses water to unlock a whole new range of eco-friendly innovative products using only nature’s gifts. We utilize the plant matter feedstock that is sustainably grown and harvested, in addition to be being the residue left over from other uses. The products of our process can support the wellness, sustainability, and eco-friendly goals and consumer demands across an array of industries. Plantrose progress means building momentum for, and expansion in, the Plant-Based Product Revolution with a focus on being friendly to people, animals, and the earth.

How It Works

Here's a quick breakdown.

Plant feedstock is mixed with water into a slurry that is pumped to the supercritical water reactor. It is in this reactor where the slurry is mixed with supercritical water which causes the plant matter to break down into nature’s building blocks. Upon exiting the reactor, the building blocks are separated, washed, and finished to become our ingredient products.

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Breakthrough, Award Winning Clean Technology

Plants, when broken down, have incredibly diverse utility as ingredients in an array of everyday consumer products and industrial applications. The beauty of the Plantrose process is getting to these break-down products in a way that is both clean and cost advantaged. Making our ingredients attractive in terms of performance and cost supports the market shift to plant-based products. The Plantrose process is the solution that delivers these outcomes. Our water-based technology is cleaner and greener than conventional alternatives. The Plantrose process is better for both people and our planet, and both it and the products it makes have been recognized by several prestigious awards, including the Presidential Green Chemistry Award (PGCA) in 2015, for exactly those qualities.


Making A Difference

2020 Edison Award

2015 PGCA Award

The Plantrose technology provides a cleaner, faster and more advantaged method for deconstructing plants into valuable ingredients – using just water, heat, pressure and time.

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