Versatility of the Plantrose Technology

Unlocking the building blocks that reside in all of those plants that grow all over the world, season after season, to meet the needs and demands of today’s consumers and industries.


The Plantrose process is a true platform technology. It uses water as the medium to break down diverse plant materials (sometimes called “biomass”), from agricultural residues (like sugar cane bagasse and corn stover) to purpose grown grasses (like sweet sorghum and switchgrass) to feedstocks abandoned by other industries (like trees once destined for paper). Our focus is now on using maple trees harvested from the northeastern region of the US, extracting valuable building blocks in this naturally self-sustaining species.

Our scientists and engineers have developed Plantrose with the ability to fine tune the process in order to create the product of choice from an array of potential products from nature’s building blocks in the plant matter. Our current focus is on making the cellulose particles for our ingredient products. But the process can also unlock fiber, oligomers, sugars, lignin, and other naturally occurring substances in the plant or that can be derived therefrom.

All of these products can be used in diverse applications across many industries. The cellulose particles that form the basis of our products can also be used in many other applications. All of the building blocks freed by Plantrose have a myriad of uses today as well as potential future uses in incredibly innovative products under development in all kinds of industries.