Letter from the CEO

From the Desk of Mike Hamilton, September 2020, Renmatix

Renmatix couples plants with our proprietary water technology to deliver Plant Ingredient Innovation.Mother Nature makes the plant cell wall rich with an abundance of cellulose and lignin. Using our Plantrose technology, we release the plant cell wall into new and unique ingredients, with immense functionality. These ingredients can be used in a variety of consumer wellness applications. And we do this only using water.Responsible use and care of Mother Nature’s bounty is in the DNA of our technology and company culture. Plantrose was born with the intent to only use the power of water to make ingredients from plants, that provide special performance and application benefits. We use water in its supercritical state, managing pressure, temperature and time to make unique particles, that form the basis of our ingredients. Equally our technology is people, animal and environmentally friendly.

It took us the better part of a decade to get this Technology Platform optimized and capable of making a variety of specialty plant grades. From our past we also explored the utility for our Plantrose technology in the Fuels and Materials markets, and believe we will be able to leverage those learnings at a later date. Along the way we built a strong Intellectual Property portfolio.

Today, we manufacture and sell ingredients into the food and cosmetic markets. We also market products for sale into the consumer wellness markets, such as Face and Body Masques, and Hand Soaps. We see opportunity across many other applications for our innovative and sustainable materials, in addition to making industries healthier.

More and more, the world demands we not only reuse more plant waste, but that we Upcycle it into more valuable ingredients and products. That is what Renmatix is doing. We Upcycle red maple residues to serve the wellness needs of consumers.

Supported by investors such as John Doerr and Bill Gates, we are excited about our impact on the future. We have big dreams for how to use Mother Nature’s plants to make more special ingredients and products for the world.